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Dr. Sherry A Wright 

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Shop Online

Personal Organic Skin Care Kit


4 oz-Herbal Magic Mud Poultice- (A blend of 22 medicinal herbs and oils to heal, balance, hydrate and repair). Best for skin issues, imbalances, sore muscles, drawing properties, first aid dry, chapped or cracked skin. Signature product all other items may contain herb, oils, and/or flora. May be used alone on hair and skin or facial mask. (Keep away from eye area).

2x2 Soap-Beauty Bar – Goat Milk A). Sensitive- Contains Herbal Magic Poultice Extra 5 ML Signature Oil Blend B). Sherry’s-Contains Herbal Magic Poultice C). Acne Balance – Contains Herbal Magic Poultice 5 ML Black Sea Salt, Charcoal, Iodine, Lavender, Rhassoul, and Tea Tree Blend. Hair Cleanse, Facial Cleanse or Shaving.

4 oz-Toner –Replenish (Aloe, Black Willow Bark, Witch Hazel, and Tea Tree, Jojoba) Antiseptic Blend of Herbs and essential oils designed to clean deep pores while not striping skins PH providing a balance of homeostasis. May be used as a setting spray for Powder Perfect.

4 oz-Moisturizer –Hydra Cream (Aloe, Coconut, Grape Seed,) Deep moisturizing for face and body.

4 oz-Serum- (Aloe/Olive/Soy) Make up remover, skin reparative, cell regenerator, dark spots, irritated skin balancing. (Shake before use-Hair/Skin/Nails) May be used as a makeup remover, as a moisturizer take a dime size amount and gently press into facial area, or add small amount to Hydra Cream for intense moisture additive or add to hair after for added shine and repair.

4 oz Hydra Essence Oil –(Arnica, Chamomile, Jojoba, Olive Soy, Vitamin E)- Add shine and luster to hair, use for aid in skin conditions, swelling busing, replenish dry skin, wrinkle prevention and softening of fine lines, use around eye area for puffiness, and may also be used as a makeup remover for mascaras , and heavy converge makeup base.

5.1g-Lip Balm- (Soy, Sunflower, Shea Butter, Herbal Mint Blend)-Hydrating lip repair, soften, repair and sooth.

2 oz-Moisture Tint- Hydra Tint (Aloe, Olive, Neem Oil) Add a healthy glow slightly tinted moisture with enhanced mineral pigment. Neem naturally revitalizes oxygen boost to skin surface.

(Not meant for extremely sensitive skin).

30g-Perfecting Powder - Aloe and Mineral Finnish dust on to set and protect skin throughout the day. For added setting may spray Replenish.

8 oz-Hair & Body Cleanse Care – Free of harmful ingredients gentle enough for all over cleansing care.

8 oz-Hair & Body Hydra Care – Free of harmful ingredients can be used to condition hair and skin, and shaving cream.


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