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A Wright of Beauty

Health & Wellness

Specialized Salon Services

Dr. Sherry A Wright 

(BCND)    CI/CA 

For all your 

          beauty needs!

American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board Certified

Graduate Doctor of Naturopathy 2007 Trinity College of Natural Health

Graduate Life Coach * Wellness Coach * Spirit Coach IACET

Certified by The Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacist 

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Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Scan 

                                       What is Quantum Analysis?

The human body is made up of many millions of cells that are constantly changing, renewing, regenerating. All cellular activity emits electromagnetic waves of energy whose frequency (resonance) can be scientifically measured.

Simply by holding a sensor in your hand, the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser rapidly reads the electromagnetic resonance of cells within the various body systems and produces a set of data. This data is analyzed and compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum. Any variations from standard are an indication of health issues that may need to be addressed.

Many people experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms, feel ‘under the weather,’ but with no obvious cause (sub-health). Quantum Analysis, an accurate, non-invasive spectral testing method, is particularly suitable for identifying possible underlying causes of sub-health.

Within a few minutes, a comprehensive report is produced by the Quantum Resonance Analyser which highlights any non-standard readings along with recommendations as to how the body can be restored to optimum health.

The report can be a valuable part of your overall wellness assessment and formulation of your individualized Health Plan. Your visit will include your emailed report.

Recommended supplements and therapy coaching to assist you to your optimum health.

$100.00 First Time visit additional sessions if needed $60.00 per visit.

The systems covered                                                       A Wright of Beauty

by the report include:                                                Health Wellness

• Toxins                                                                         Located Inside Scalp & Skin

• Trace Elements                                                         6625 W. Sahara

• Vitamin                                                                      Suite # 5

• Amino Acids                                                              Las Vegas, NV

• Heavy Metals 89146

• Gastrointestinal Function                                        by Appointment

• Gall Bladder Function

• Blood Sugar

• Immune System Holistic Hair Care

• Allergy Salon Services

• Bone density Available

• Endocrine System Natural Products

• Brain Nerve “ All your beautiful Needs ”

• PancreaticOpt-in to Dr. Sherry Wright Fullscript Account for guidance on Supplements vitamins and more.

Bach therapies, CBD, Hormonal help I can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Book your appointment for a personalized coaching session. 



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Health and Wellness

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Weight Management 


Emotional Distress

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