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A Wright of Beauty

Health & Wellness

Specialized Salon Services

Dr. Sherry A Wright 

(BCND)    CI/CA 

For all your 

          beauty needs!

Botanical Beauty

Dr. Sherry Wright N.D

Handcrafted Natural Skin Care Products

“No more acne products, day, night or wrinkle creams, medicines that dry and irritate and or skin type dry, normal, and/or oily skincare regimens. 

One hair care for daily care, one organic skin care system for everyone to utilize for perfect healthy natural skin and one hydra silk tint and powder.

Not just another skin care but healthy natural care for skin’’

Many years ago when I first began in the beauty business I became dissatisfied with the promise of the next big thing. I have always had extremely sensitive skin and would try drugstore, department store and yes even salon products that never seemed to work for me. I had a dear friend that had been burned badly and found although my skin was sensitive for her it was unbearable to use certain products. I began my quest on how product were made, how ingredients are truly different. And how advertising affected our choice for the perfect care products. I went through countless products to learn what was in them and the feature and benefits and how could I improve the quality for a better choice. I branded and re-branded,to evolve into what is now Botanical Beauty Blends. Sulfate Free Cleansing, botanical enriched conditioning, free of harmful irritants.

I contracted a Certified Organic Laboratory that makes my Signature Shamans Blend Magic Mud Poultice.

From there all other items are handmade, with Laboratory Grade 100 % Certified Organic Ingredients.

Acid Balanced to balance skin needs. Balanced skin leads to healthy skin. The fragrance is purely natural from essential oil essence. The fresh clean herbal scent is desirable for both male and female and is safe for every family member. The best feature is with Botanical Beauty Blends is that if your skin is normal, sensitive, or oily.

This one line will work for you. The only thing that will change is the Beauty Bar.

Sherry's Original Beauty Bar works for all types of skin and the sensitive, or acne has a few added ingredients for those with extreme conditions. Benefits include Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils designed to balance, heal, and protect your skin.

A simple, safe, and effective product I know you are sure to enjoy.

Hair-Care Product :

Gentle daily wash and cream rinse gentle enough to use on hair, face and body. Sulfate free, free of harmful ingredients that reduce shine, restore balance and shine, sooth irritated dry scalp. Essential oils, formulated to enhance natural beauty with out damage. Because this product is sulfate free lathering is minimal yet is recommended for those whom wish to cleanse and rinse daily.

Skin Care Product :

Helps with dark spots,discoloration, red spot,reduce the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone, reduce selling and irritation, good for all skin conditions. 100 % allergen tested and fragrance free.


Maintaining the health of your skin our natural skin Potential Hydrogen

(PH) should be 4.5-5.5.

In chemistry, PH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity and ranges from 0 to 14.

The PH scale is logarithmic and as a

result, the whole ph value below 7 is 10 times more acidic than the next higher value.

While our internal systems balance range is 7 our skin‘s range for optimum health is on the acidic side of 4.5 – 5.5.

Skin discomfort and skin issues occur when that balance becomes jeopardized.

For this reason, all our products are specially formulated to maintain the skin's PH.

Botanical Beauty Blends is dedicated to the use of only the highest quality of herbal

composition to maintain, rebuild, and repair skin natural PH or acid balance

for healthy results.

Botanical Beauty Blends Soap Base is made from a high-quality goat milk

base infused with botanical herbal (magic mud) herbal items. Ingredients are contracted from our certified

organic laboratory and maintain an 84 %

quality organic product and free of harsh irritants dyes, parabens, sulfates,

and fragrance. Non-pore-clogging and acid balanced with essential essence

for safe gentle hydrating care for the entire family.

For Naturopathy Products Follow :

You may also call in your order (702) 688-9298. 

 Or please send me a message.

Dr. Sherry A Wright Naturopathic Doctor,

Cosmetology Instructor, and Servicing Cosmetologist

Small Soap $5 _______

Regular Soap $8 ____

Cold Press Artisan Soap

$10 _____

Massage Soap

w Glove $ 15 _____

Shamans Blend $15 _____

Shamans Lotion $15 _____

Magic Mud $20 _____

Lip Treatment $5 _____

Bee Lotion Bar $10 _____

Dark Crystal Gift Kit – Candle, soap, lotion $40 _____